Environment & Resources Authority

Deputy Director

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  24 Apr, 2024
  • Job Ref:  KMP-90089

Job Description

In the role of Deputy Director, the Employee shall be responsible for managing the functions as directed by the Authority and ensuring the required output as identified from time to time. In doing so, the job holder is also responsible for providing effective and strategic support to all other Directorates within the Authority.

The Deputy Director shall be responsible for the overall running of the assigned unit/s as directed by the Authority and in accordance with any applicable national, EU and international laws. The job holder shall also be accountable for the management and control for the assigned unit/s and is to ensure that the overall operations are carried out effectively and efficiently in accordance with the Authority policies and approved business plans and budgets and also:

  • Assists in the formulation and the strategic vision and direction necessary to meet the statutory obligations in the Environment & Resources Act (CAP549);
  • Monitors, reviews and strengthens the operations of the direct unit/s raising recommendations in consultation with management to direct superiors and to the Board of Authority, and following approval ensures their proper implementation;
  • Monitors, reviews, strengthens and implements the respective environmental resources procedures in line with the Environment Protection Act (CAP549);
  • Ensure effective communication with the assigned unit/s and create a sense of purpose, promote and sustain a high level of morale in employees;
  • Ensures good governance and coordination within the assigned unit;
  • Ensures the effective and efficient management of the entrusted resources, safeguards the Authority’s assets, prevention and detection of fraud and error;
  • Prepares and assists in the drafting of the Authority’s business plan which will translate into an approved financial budget and plans;
  • Monitors national and international environment and resources developments and makes recommendations on Malta’s position in relation to relevant Conventions, treaties and similar instruments;
  • Monitors national and international environment and resources commitments, develops, supports and achieves business objectives relevant to these commitments;
  • Assists other Directorates and the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority in the drafting and review of strategic measures required in order to support the remit and objectives of the Authority;
  • Manages as a regulator and as instructed by the Authority, the compliance and protection of Malta’s Environment in accordance with the Environment Protection Act and any related legal instruments and other obligations;
  • Implements and addresses programmes, raising public awareness and addressing the broad issues related to National and International obligations within the assigned field;
  • Takes decisions and endorses approvals on administrative and technical procedures, practices and processes, and delegating own responsibility to employees as and when required in line with Authority policy and processes;
  • Raises recommendations on Legal instruments and policy direction and decisions and takes decisions on the entrusted function/s as prescribed by law and / or as delegated by the Board of the Authority;
  • Develops and allocates employees within the entrusted units in line with approved business plans and budgets while ensuring employee development and training needs;
  • Effective liaison, cooperation and negotiation with other Directorates within the Authority, Ministry and other external entities;
  • Assists in the securing of external funding towards the achievement of set goals and objectives of the Authority’s business plan;
  • Takes decisions on discipline, development and performance appraisal of employees under direct responsibility;
  • Authorizes expenditure within pre-set budget limits and in line with the Authority Policy and procedures;
  • Conducts audit checks and directs the development and implementation of quality systems and activities.

Job Entry Requirements / Qualifications
A Graduate degree (MQF Level 6) with a minimum of 180 ECTS credits in an environment–relevant social or natural discipline in any of the following: Geography, Environmental Conservation, Environmental Management, Planning, Environmental or Natural Resources, Earth Systems or comparable qualification as recognized by MFHEA.

Knowledge and Experience

  • A minimum of five years, of postgraduate working experience in a management role;
  • An in-depth knowledge of relevant Government legislation;
  • Broad knowledge of spatial planning and its impacts on the environment; and
  • Working experience in a regulatory environment will be considered an asset.

Personal Skills and Attributes
Interpersonal, leadership, counselling, interviewing, communication, analytical, and methodological. Also, reliability, trustworthiness and flexibility, collaborative attitude, team player and builder, ability to work under pressure, fluent in both written and spoken Maltese and English and possess organizational skills.

In case of foreign qualifications, a recognition certificate from MFHEA is to be submitted for the application to be taken into consideration.

Kindly quote Jobsplus Permit No: 179/2024.

To apply: Interested candidates are advised to submit their application via the apply button below with a detailed curriculum vitae and a copy of their qualifications by noon of Wednesday, 24th April 2024.