Interviews can be stressful. We’ve already detailed helpful tips for giving a world-class interview, but this time we’ll be guiding you through what not to do when you’re in that interviewing seat. These are the biggest ‘dont’s’ of the interviewing process:

Show up late

Don’t show up an hour early, but keep the time in mind. Unless you have a very good reason and called to explain yourself, turning up late can appear disrespectful.

Be condescending towards questions asked

Avoid replying to questions in a tone and manner that suggests the question asked was obvious or stupid. This will make you seem arrogant and difficult to please, which your potential employers will dislike.

One word answers

It might be tempting to answer a simple question with a simple answer, however this can make you look as though you’re uninterested. Try your best to explain yourself in more detail; better to talk too much than too little. Furthermore, the more specific your answers are, the better, as it will give them a better idea of the points which were mentioned in your CV, and will also help them understand you as a candidate.

Don’t forget to smile – genuinely, of course!

Smiling connects people. A smile signals to another person that they are welcome to befriend you. It softens the mood, relaxes the individuals involved, and creates a pleasant environment. Hiring managers may also be more inclined to hire someone who seems friendly and willing to engage than a grumpy Greg.

Be unclear with your answers, mumble or ramble

Nerves can paralyse an individual, but try your best not to let them overpower you. Be confident with your answers: your interviewers will want to see that you know what you’re talking about, and can be a valuable member of the team. Remember that this is just a friendly chat, not an interrogation.

Look at your watch or your phone

Your phone should be in your bag or pocket, silenced and forgotten. Glancing at your phone or your watch could indicate that you are bored or disinterested with the situation, which is not the impression you want to give at a job interview.

Chew gum

This seems obvious: don’t go into the interview chewing gum. It looks bad, and makes you seem rude.