We all know interviews can be stressful. Don’’t make it worse for yourself by doing the obvious “no no’s”. Here are a few things you can AVOID doing to help it sway in your favour.

Show up late

You don’t need to be there too early but being late does not give a good impression at all. Unless you have a very good reason and called to explain yourself, turning up late can appear disrespectful.

Be condescending towards questions asked

Avoid replying to questions in a tone and manner that shows you think the question asked was obvious or stupid. You will quickly be thought of as arrogant and annoying.

One word answers

This can come off as being uninterested to take the conversation further. Try your best to explain yourself in more detail. The more specific your answers are the better because it will give them a clearer picture of the points you mentioned in your CV. Being clearer with your answers will help them build a better idea of who you are.

Don’t forget to smile…genuinely of course!

Smiling allows people to connect. A simple smile, signals to another person that they are welcome to befriend you. It softens the mood, relaxes all individuals involved and creates a pleasant environment. Take it from us, be smiling Sally in your interview, not grumpy Greg.

Be unclear with your answers, mumble or ramble

We know, nerves are big and may affect you, but try your very best not to let them. Be confident with your answers. It is important for the interviewers to feel like you know what you’re talking about and can potentially be a valuable member of their team. Remember this is about creating a new opportunity for yourself, it is not an interrogation.

Look at your watch or your phone

Keep your phone in your bag/pocket on silent and by no means should it be anywhere near you to distract you. Glancing at your phone or your watch could indicate that you are bored or disinterested with the situation. This is definitely not a good first impression.

Chew gum

Forget speaking with gum in your mouth. It looks bad and is plain rude.

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