Think you need a huge budget to build a standout employer brand? Think again! There are many ways to show off your company’s awesome culture and attract the best people, without spending a fortune. Let’s dive into some seriously effective (and seriously affordable) tactics.


1. Let Your People Do the Talking

Your employees are walking, talking advertisements for your workplace! Here’s how to tap into their superpower:

  • Testimonials Rock: Ask employees to share (on video or in writing) what they love about working for you. Post these on your website and social media for potential candidates to see.
  • A Peek Inside: Give people a glimpse of daily life using Instagram Stories or similar tools. Show those fun team lunches, birthday celebrations, or some creative brainstorming in action.
  • The Referral Win: Happy employees know other great people. Offer a bonus when they help you find amazing new team members.
  • Engage your employees in the process: Ask them what they think about your company and create frequent feedback opportunities for them to get involved. After all, they hold the best mirror to your true values. This will also help you know what needs improving and if your idea is different to theirs, after all!

After all, your employees can be your best employer brand advocates, so take that opportunity!

2. Values Matter (and So Does Showing Them Off)

What makes your company tick? Figure out your core values and then shout them from the rooftops!

  • It’s on the Website: Don’t just list values on your website – tell stories about how you really live them.
  • Social Media Spotlight: Did your team volunteer together? Did you accommodate a working parent’s schedule? Share those moments!
  • Hiring Hack: Weave your values into your job descriptions, and you’ll naturally attract people who are the perfect culture fit. Make sure the values you write about are true to you, and not just buzzwords! Don’t just talk the talk, that won’t retain employees and you will not be doing anyone any favours – including yourself

3. Pictures Tell a Thousand Words

You don’t need a pro photographer to show off your culture. Get creative:

  • Canva is Your Friend: Use this free design tool to whip up simple graphics with employee quotes, fun company stats, or cool culture facts.
  • Repurpose Like a Pro: Snapped a pic at the company picnic? Share it with a caption about the fun, team atmosphere.
  • Let Your People be the Stars: Encourage employees to post work-life pics, tagging your company. It’s authentic and engaging.

4. Smart Outreach Wins the Day

Forget those generic job postings! Find your ideal candidates by going where they hang out:

  • LinkedIn Groups: Get involved in groups related to your industry. Share knowledge, answer questions, and build subtle awareness about how great your workplace is.
  • Go Back to School: Partner with colleges or universities in your area or those that specialise in your field.
  • Improve SEO: when writing job descriptions make sure to highlight the nature of the role and the industry using related keywords that will help the job description reach the right people.

5. Key Takeaway: It’s All About Consistency

Building a strong employer brand takes time. Pick a few of these tactics that resonate with you, do them consistently, and watch your results. Track website traffic, social buzz – adjust as you go!

The Lowdown: Attracting amazing talent isn’t about money. It’s about being genuine, celebrating your people, and getting creative at sharing your unique story.

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