The reason most of us stress before an interview is the fear of failure, of getting stuck, saying the wrong things, not having an answer to say and ultimately failing at something we really want to succeed at. We fill our minds with ‘what ifs’ that literally paralyze us.

The way to get yourself out of this negative thinking spiral is to pause, breathe and remember the following:

Believe in yourself

They called you for the interview because they can already see some potential in you through your CV. Your CV made the first round which statistically is extremely difficult, but you made it. Give yourself a little credit, you’ve got this!

They are people just like you

The interviewers are people just like you doing their job. They are not there to interrogate you but discover whether you are the right candidate for the job. Make things easier for them by showing them you are the person they’’re looking for.

Put things into perspective

This is not a life-threatening situation but actually a stepping stone to a new exciting opportunity. Getting perspective always helps calm any unnecessary nerves.

Think positively

Don’’t think negatively. This is not the time to be putting yourself down. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and boost your morale. In this situation, you need to be your own personal cheerleader and only think positively otherwise you will let anxiety and fear seep in (we really don’t like those).

Normalise it

Keep things simple. A job interview is very normal, you are simply going for a chat to discuss potential opportunities. Thousands of people do this every day! Don’’t build it up to be a huge thing in your head. The interviewer wants you to be yourself, so they can gauge whether you will be a good fit within their organisation.

Be you and only you

We believe this is fundamental. If you don’’t get the job for being yourself then thank your lucky stars you didn’’t get it. No one wants to work in a place they can’t be their true selves in.

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