A job description is the first impression a candidate will get of your company culture. Applying for jobs can be quite nerve-wracking for candidates because there are so many unknowns and so many questions. What if I don’t like the job, what if I won’t fit in? What if after all this time and effort I’ll be unhappy again?

Make it easier for them and try to show what your company is all about and what kind of people you’re looking for with your job description. The way you choose to express yourself, the words you choose, will reflect the type of company you are.

Think of recruitment as a marketing effort. When doing any kind of marketing, the aim is to familiarize a target audience with your brand and get them to see the value in your product offering so they will choose you over your competitors. It is exactly the same with recruitment. In the current market where there tend to be more jobs than talented people, you need to stand out from the crowd and show why you are a great place to work, a great company to join.

Here are some of our suggestions:

Get straight to the point

We’re looking for a creative person to lead this work, by providing insight-driven strategies. The best job descriptions are those that balance giving enough detail so candidates can understand the role and what is expected of them while keeping things brief and to the point.

Make it personal

Replace ‘the ideal candidate’ with ‘you. This way you will connect with the person reading it, encouraging them to ask “Does this sound like me?” The more someone can associate with these descriptions the more likely you will attract the right people and deter the wrong people. For example; ‘You are self-motivated and jump at opportunities to work on new projects’.

When referring to qualifications and role requirements, it may be a good idea to use ‘my qualifications include’ and I have 3 years’ experience working in a similar role. It is a small detail but it encourages candidates to put themselves in the ‘ideal’ candidates shoes.

Give the job role purpose

Show candidates that they will have the chance to make an impact in the organization or team however small it may be. For example; instead of saying; ‘Create yearly marketing calendar’ write ‘This is a chance to define our brand strategy and direction’. It has more oomph and will inspire and excite the applying candidate.

Show your company personality

Hook candidates in by showing what is unique about your company. Add a short section called Why join us? and sum up in a concise way why a candidate would love to join your team. However, don’t just highlight the perks, balance the good stuff with the challenges. Great candidates won’t be afraid of challenges, they will be eager to see how they can make a difference and contribute.

The effort put into the job description will reflect well on your company because it shows you care how job seekers will perceive you.