Would you leave your job if you didn’t get the pay raise you’ve been angling for?

According to our latest survey, the vast majority of employees in Malta would not.

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When asked if they would leave their job, the majority (63.9%) said no, while 32% said yes and 4% said they don’t know.

Men are slightly more inclined to leave their job than women (just 2.6% more likely), according to our survey.

Moreover, the age group of 31-40 is the most likely to leave their job if not given a raise: 38.5% would leave their job versus 58.9% who wouldn’t.

However, the responses do not indicate whether they would start looking for a job if they are not given the raise.

Interestingly, unskilled workers are the most likely to leave their job if they are not given the raise they want with 35% of respondents who identify as ‘Unskilled’ voting ‘yes’.

But what kind of salary raise do employees in Malta expect?

According to Keepmeposted’s survey, where we asked over 500 respondents, 42.2% want a 15% pay raise and another 32% expect a 25% pay raise. These are the largest chunks in the pie, but it’s worth considering that another 13.2% also expect a 10% pay raise.

These results are consistent between male and female respondents and when it comes to age groups but expectations are higher among those who consider themselves to be self-employed or who are higher up in the chain of command.

More than half of those who identify as Entrepreneur or self-employed believe they deserve a 25% pay increase. Another 11.3% in the same category believe they deserve a 50% increase.

Meanwhile, half of those in top-management selected that they deserve a 25% salary bump.

What about you? How much of a pay raise do you expect? And would you quit your job if you didn’t get it?