Opportunity for growth is cited as one of the main factors that contribute to job satisfaction. However, quite surprisingly, it is often overlooked during the job search, as candidates usually think ‘What job would be right for me right now?’ rather than ‘Will this job allow me to work towards the career of my dreams?’. In fact, being stuck in a mundane job with nowhere to go can be very demotivating. At Kitchen Concepts there are, quite literally, plenty of places to go! Whether it’s Greek or Cuban, Italian or local, you are sure to be given the opportunity to develop your passion.


Who are Kitchen Concepts?

This is because working at Kitchen Concepts gives you the opportunity to work at 6 differently themed restaurants which are located in 13 different venues, so if catering is your passion, this is definitely the right place to be. Kitchen Concepts is a well-established company that has established a goodwill based on quality, consistency and fair employment. Their restaurants include Vecchia Napoli, Manakis, Gululu, Chophouse and Cafe Cuba. But it’s not just their range of restaurants that is diverse. The company culture is one that promotes diversity and encourages staff with different capabilities to further develop what they are good at.

Encouraging opportunity for growth

Besides the diverse roles in the different restaurants that naturally provide endless opportunities, Kitchen Concepts also believe that it is important to invest in their employees, enabling them to be the best they can be. They support the professional growth of their staff by giving on the job training. The company also offers sponsorships when employees choose to complete a training course that could complement their work. This enables employees to enhance their career within the company more easily when there are job openings or when the company opens new outlets.

Working with Kitchen Concepts

Working in catering helps you to develop skills that are invaluable and allows you to grow both personally and professionally. Celebrity Chef, Anthony Bourdain, believed “You can always tell when a person has worked in a restaurant”, and claimed that he learnt more during his years in a kitchen than in a classroom. It is a career that is varied, where no two days are the same. It offers flexibility and best of all, there is a huge sense of team spirit and camaraderie.

A company with a heart

This is how employees describe Kitchen Concepts. It is a company which has its employees at heart, often offering support and assistance to staff even when they go through their own personal difficulties.  Employees are shown appreciation regularly with birthday vouchers, discounted food bills and other tokens. The restaurants also organise team building activities regularly to keep the morale of the team up and to ensure they remain a close-knit unit.

Kitchen Concepts also reaches out to those beyond the company and has been collaborating for a number of years with several charity institutions, such as Caritas Malta. The company has provided the Christmas meal as well as Solidarity Meals to all those who, during time of hardship, are unable to provide a proper meal for themselves and their families.

The advantages of working with an established company

Beyond the opportunity to follow your passion, working with Kitchen Concepts also means working with an established company, which means stability. Stability is of huge significance following the insecurity that the pandemic brought about, especially for those working in hospitality and catering.

If this environment sounds exciting to you, take a look at the jobs listed with Kitchen Concepts here.

This feature is a paid partnership with Kitchen Concepts.