“Putting the employee first, the customer effectively comes first by default,” said Richard Branson, and Dino Fino appears to follow this tenet. Indeed, their motto, “It’s not what we do, but who we are,” makes it clear that people come first.

So who are they?

The name hardly needs an introduction and is well-known in the furniture and retail industry, so we’ll keep this brief. Dino Fino is a young company that is only four years old but has over twenty years of industry experience, which means it has the best of both worlds – energy and freshness combined with know-how.

This would be considered a winning formula for anyone looking for a career in this industry. The company is young enough for employees to grow with it, but at the same time, well-known and established enough to gain valuable experience in this field.

Motivating Employees - WT

A home away from home

Several studies have found that the physical aspects of a workplace have a direct impact on employee productivity, job satisfaction, and morale. It is, in fact, critical to the well-being of employees. Employers frequently underestimate the value of the workplace, but not at Dino Fino.

The workplace is quite literally a home away from home. Because of the nature of the business, employees work in a warm and welcoming environment surrounded by the latest trends in home furnishings. Even better, the décor is changed on a regular basis, displaying the most recent interior design trends, resulting in an inspiring and never-boring working environment!

Motivating employees

At Dino Fino, however, creating a work environment that provides the comforts that contribute to reducing stress and anxiety and promoting creativity is not enough. Keeping employees energetic and motivated is critical in this client-centric industry, and here’s how they do it:

Employees are given specific and attainable goals.

This engages the employee, encouraging them to focus and prioritize while also providing them with the opportunity to succeed, which is the most powerful motivator of all.

Employee performance is recognized and rewarded with recognition and remuneration.

Regular performance feedback is provided, allowing employees to learn more about themselves, focus on their strengths, and achieve success. By providing feedback, the employee’s efforts are recognized and rewarded, not only with bonuses but also with increased authority, autonomy, and responsibility.

Employees are given opportunities to grow.

Employees are guided to find their niche and encouraged to excel at what they are interested in based on their performance and skills. This is also possible because the business is incredibly varied.

Continued professional development.

Dino Fino believes that the company’s commitment to quality and variety in employee training is a major factor in motivating employees. In addition to local training, international training is also provided on an on-going basis. Besides increasing job satisfaction, this also allows the employee the opportunity to focus on their strengths and identify any weaknesses.

It’s a different kind of day every day.

Working on a variety of projects and working with so many different clients (and suppliers) ensures that there is never a dull moment! Employees will almost certainly continue to learn and acquire new abilities – a huge bonus in today’s workplace, where skills are considered priceless.

A tight knit team.

A successful team is one that is healthy and happy. Social and teambuilding events, such as casual lunches, are held on a regular basis not only to get away from the daily grind, but also to foster bonding and relationship building. In fact, work relationships are incredibly important and research has shown that they play a significant role in job satisfaction.

An open door policy.

This has a number of advantages, the most important of which is that dialogue and healthy debate are fostered at all levels. As a result, problems are easier to resolve, employees have more trust in one another, and the office culture is more open and accepting.

Pursuing your passion

Employees at Dino Fino describe it as a “culture unlike any other,” where people are truly at the centre of a company that guides employees in discovering their passion and supports them in putting that passion into action.

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