You’ve spent serious time tweaking your CV, crafting that cover letter, and finally hitting “submit” on your job application. Now what? Do you wait patiently, or is there more you should do? That’s where the delicate dance of the follow-up comes in.

The Benefits of the Follow-Up

A well-timed follow-up can serve several purposes:

  • Reminds them you exist: Hiring managers and employers are busy! A gentle follow-up email can bring your application back to the top of their inbox.
  • Demonstrates your interest: Following up shows you’re not just casting a wide net, but genuinely excited about this specific opportunity.
  • An opening for more info: Maybe you want to clarify something, or have a relevant update to add – the follow-up can be the perfect way to do so.

To Follow-Up or Not to Follow-Up?

Ideally, the job posting will include clear instructions on whether to follow up, and how. If there’s nothing, then yes, it’s generally a good idea. But proceed with caution! You don’t want to become a pest.

The Art of the Perfect Follow-Up

  • Timing is key: A week or so after applying is usually a good bet. Too soon seems pushy, too late means they might have already moved on.
  • Keep it short and sweet: No need to reiterate your entire CV. Briefly express continued interest and thank them for their time.
  • Reference something specific: Did you have a great connection with someone at an event or meeting? Mention it! This personalises your follow-up.
  • Add value (if you can): Have a new piece of work for your portfolio/ experience? A relevant article you came across? Including it subtly shows your commitment.

No Response? Here’s What To Do

You can try following up once more, after another reasonable time frame. Beyond that, unfortunately, it’s best to gracefully accept that this particular opportunity wasn’t meant to be, and keep your job search energy focused elsewhere.

Example Email

Here’s a quick template you can modify: (We recommend you make this your own and modify it substantially, as otherwise, you risk being like many others who may have copy/pasted!)

Subject: Following Up on *Job Title* Application

Dear *Hiring Manager Name if you have it, otherwise “Hiring Team/ HR Manager”*,

I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to follow up on my application submitted for the *Job Title* position on *insert date*. I remain very interested in the opportunity and would love to learn more about the next steps in the process.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, *Your Name*

The Bottom Line

Following up after a job application can be a smart strategic move. It shows initiative and enthusiasm. Just maintain a professional tone, be respectful of the HR person’s time, and don’t overdo it!

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