At Keepmeposted, we post around a thousand jobs a month. Given Christmas is upon us, we would love to somehow give back to the community, and we thought, why not contribute to the Lovin Milied Challenge – the KMP way!

This means that from now until the 20th of December, for every job posted on Keepmeposted we’ll be donating a Lovin Milied gift box! These gift boxes will go to a number of NGOs, foundations and sanctuaries around Malta and Gozo, helping people and animals in need. More information about this initiative can be found in this Lovin Malta article. You can also read more about how last year’s event contributed here. We’re preparing a variety of gift boxes to cater for the different charities we will donate to.


What do I need to do if I’m thinking of posting a job and want to contribute to the campaign?
Nothing! Submit a job post by the 20th of December, as you normally would, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll pack a gift box to be donated to a charity, NGO or foundation, and forward it to the team at Lovin Malta, who will handle the distribution. They will be distributing the gifts on the 21st of December – just in time for Christmas.

What if I’m an employee?
If you’re an employee and want to help this Christmas by contributing to this campaign, there’s one thing you can do: spread the word. If your company publishes a vacancy on Keepmeposted by the 20th of December, we’ll prepare and donate a gift box – thanks to your contribution.

How else can I help?
Get your team together and brainstorm ways your office can contribute this Christmas and throughout the coming year. Corporate Social Responsibility should be part of your calendar this year (and every year). After all, Christmas is a time for giving and it’s a lovely, positive tone to set for the coming year.

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