In today’s hectic lifestyle, you may feel out of sorts with yourself and you may feel like your creativity is not what it used to be. There are several daily routines and habits you can practise which will support and nurture your creativity and help your mind flow.

There are many psychological benefits to increasing your creativity. Creativity gives you a greater sense of freedom and potential, allowing you to be authentic in your goals, it unlocks better problem solving skills, gives you confidence and is a great form of stress relief. Undoubtedly, “creative thinking” and “problem solving” are highly sought after skills in the job market.

Fortunately, there are practical means to unlock your creative juices! To get them going, we need to clear our mind from the excess noise that surrounds us and pollutes our brains on a day to day basis. Creativity is rather a habit we can nurture and sustain and this brings us to our first tip.

Blog WTMeditation

Lauded by experts, meditation does not only lower stress but it unlocks areas of the brain in charge of creative problem solving. It opens your mind to new ideas, improves your attention and nurtures resilience within you, as Dany Penman claims in Mindfulness for Creativity. There are several apps you can download which can provide you with guided meditation. Sometimes it can be as easy as playing a relaxing song that allows you to breathe mindfully and meditate. Doing it at the same time and place every day will help you make it a habit.

Start journaling

For some this may come naturally, for others it may take more effort. Journaling is an effective way to be there for yourself – to put your thoughts, worries and trepidations on paper. You are exploring your brain. It is important to let the words flow in a stream of consciousness and don’t be bothered about being perfect. It can be a therapeutic tool which helps you improve emotional health. If you don’t like to write, draw! Even a simple to do list is an effective mode of journaling. The goal is to free the mind.

Follow your curiosity

In the words of Socrates – “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Making new connections will unlock new creative possibilities, and applying a concept from one field and applying it to another. Learning new things gets the brain to exercise and make these new connections. This puts you in a growth mindset and opens your mind.

Take a walk

The rhythmic motion of the stride as you walk has something about it that frees you from all that preoccupies you, allowing your mind to wander more freely through the neglected regions of our minds. Taking a walk in nature is an ancient Japanese practice called forest bathing. Simply go into nature and absorb through the five senses.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

If you are trying to think of solutions, step into someone else’s shoes and ask yourself what they would do. This will free you from constructs and open your mind to different possibilities.

Make a date – with yourself

If you’re feeling uninspired and in a rut, take a step back. Spend some time doing a hobby you love and which comes naturally to you – doodle, listen to music, paint, go for a run – have your pick! Taking a break is not a distraction, it’s much needed fuel.

We hope these habits will help you unlock your creative potential and take a look at our creative jobs listed right now!