With a new week comes a fresh start. The weekend allows you to decompress and unwind. For some, the weekend may also be about catching up with and juggling home life, chores, and an array of other responsibilities. If you’re prone to the latter, preparing for Monday on Friday, will definitely help you feel less anxious about getting to work on Monday. Going into the week with the right foot forward is important for your mental health and overall productivity. Here are 5 things you can do which will help you feel better about Monday and start off your week right.

1. Set a list of goals and deadlines for the week

Ideally, prepare this on Friday. That way on Monday, when you require more of an effort to get started, the list is already done and you can just get to the tasks at hand. After a weekend, you should also feel more refreshed and, perhaps, with enough of a more positive mindset, as well as a fresh outlook, you have the energy to check off a few lingering tasks from the previous week.

2. Then, set another list of things you look forward to doing.

Carve out time for your hobbies and think of ways you can unwind. Having a list of “positive” tasks, reminds you that a new week is not only about work, but it’s also about living.

3. Plan something special for yourself during the week that you can look forward to.

Making plans after work with friends, colleagues or even, for yourself, will keep you motivated and excited for the week.

4. Prepare your outfits and wardrobe for the week… on Friday, and save your best one for Monday!

Leaving the best outfit for Monday will set off your week on the right note. Wear something that brings a smile to your face and makes you feel good and confident.

5. Get ahead of the week by checking off a few of the easier tasks.

This will give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction early on and will keep you motivated and encouraged for the rest of the more challenging tasks ahead of you.

We hope this list helps you start off your fresh, new week right and encourages you to build a weekly ritual that improves your well-being and puts you on the way to success at work!


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