One way to power up your career is through: you guessed it, SKILLING-UP! Did you know there are a number of websites that offer free courses, for you to get informed knowledge on a set of skills or discover new interests.

Here are our top 5 picks.

1. Coursera

For University-level and Ivy-League-backed courses, this is the site you want to check out. Coursera offers classes in various fields – IT, Graphic Design, Psychology, History and Literature. For a small fee, you can also get official certification once you complete a course. All courses are taught and created by professors from top institutions (such as Princeton, Stanford, CalArts and others). On Coursera, you will also find one of Yale’s most popular courses on the Science of Well-being (also widely known as Yale’s Happiness course). Best of all – it’s free!

2. Udemy

Udemy offers excellent courses if you’re on a budget (some are as cheap as €10), and offers some for free too. Udemy courses are generally more skill-based than Coursera courses – such as learning a particular programming language or specialised software (such as Blender). It is a great resource for Marketing, Computer Programming, and Design courses. You can also explore courses that help you with your soft skills such as productivity, goal-achievement, or the ins and outs of managing a team.


Similar to Coursera, offers courses from major universities, often at no cost! Much like Coursera, you can also get certification for a completed course at a fee (albeit slightly higher than Coursera). Some Edx partners include Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Berkeley, Cornell, Caltech and Georgetown. It’s worth checking out.

4. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is unique in that it offers its own free courses, even offering Live Youtube courses in some cases. However, it also curates courses from other learning platforms mainly in the fields of Personal Development, Digital Marketing, Data & Tech. It’s an entirely free and user-friendly platform. With great filtering options, you won’t get overwhelmed with the vast selection of courses.

5. Many major university websites

Fortunately, many major University websites these days offer a number of free courses online. Check out Yale’s free courses here or Stanford’s: here.

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