The future of the workplace is green. Environment and CSR are high on the list of priorities for top organisations’, and outdated workspaces are being transformed into sustainable environments that benefit employees and business itself. Turning your office into a greener workplace is easier to implement than most of you might think, and the first step is commitment.

Most offices will not or cannot ‘go green’ all at once but this is not a case of ‘all or nothing’. If the organisation is committed to being part of creating a more sustainable environment, then the green practices will soon become integrated into the company culture and will eventually feel natural and effortless.

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Here are 5 easy steps that you can pretty much start doing immediately:

1. Get a Plant

Even just one small plant on your desk can help start the change. Plants not only help recycle the air but also increase employee productivity and wellbeing, which contributes to a more positive working environment, which in turn benefits the business… win-win!

2. Take the Stairs

Another 2-pronged benefit as this is both good for the environment and good for you, especially if you have a job where you are sitting for most of the day, like most of us do. Taking the stairs instead of using the lift will soon become a habit which will cross over into other aspects of your life and not only at the workplace.

3. Switch off

Ensure that any machinery that is not in use is switched off. This goes for coffee machines, printers, A/Cs, lights, computers – it might seem obvious, but how often have we gone in on a Monday morning only to find the light in the bathroom was left on… again! Devise a system where a different person is responsible for certain equipment / machinery each week.

4. Go Paperless

Only print what is strictly necessary. Most documents can be read off your screen, highlighted and filed electronically where everyone has easy access to it – your office will be even more efficient. If this is too extreme for you or if you absolutely must print, try recycled paper, printing on both sides and using your printer in eco-mode – it’s still a step in the right direction.

5. Carpool

If you have any colleagues living close by, suggest passing for them (remember to be Covid-safe!). This is another multifaceted benefit as you reduce carbon emissions, save money on petrol and bond with colleagues.

Going green is a lifestyle change and becoming aware of how your actions may impact the environment is already a great start which will lead you down the right (and greener) path. Here are some offices that might inspire you!

Do you already do the above at the office? Let us know in the comments and tell us what else you do to contribute towards a greener workplace.