Strategic Planner

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  29 May, 2021
  • Job Ref:  KMP-59875

Job Description

The Strategic Planner is a business-minded storyteller. S/he have the gift of combining the achievement of client sales targets with an ingenious strategy that tells a story that consumers can identify with. S/he will oversee all client strategies and is involved hands on to different degrees. S/he will work closely with all the team as s/he is the superhero who champions all things strategy – a plan of action designed to achieve a long term or overall aim.

This role functions beyond storytelling and generating strategies that have clear KPIs and deliverables that can be measured and reported.

Internally, the Strategic Planner works towards setting and maintaining a culture reliant on critical thinking, disruption methodology and reaching for a high standard of consistent brilliance. No job / budget (internal or client) is too big or small.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Contributes to setting and maintaining internal culture and inspires team members to think critically
  • Draws up and implement internal training that both inspire the team and challenge their creative process
  • Keeps the team up to scratch with all matters of TBWA methodology relevance
  • Ensures that the team is TBWA methodology literate, promotes the consistent use of TBWA tools
  • Is the champion for the TBWA\ANG brand, working with the internal sub teams as well as the team at large to ensure that standards are maintained, champions the PR and employer branding for TBWA\ANG, as well as taken ownership of the TBWA\ANG on and offline
  • Is heavily invested in the TBWA collective and ensures that the team is also active and participate
  • Excellent in presentation skills and lead client pitches
  • Digital at first approach

Partnering with creative and account leads to inspiring breakthrough creative work and communications strategies. A dynamic team member who has a core competency in one or more strategic disciplines, including brand strategy, cultural trends analysis, business strat, omni-channel planning / media, and data analytics.

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Turns data into stories that inspire
    • Understands how to extrapolate relevant data so as to identify a specific business and consumer problem to solve. Communicate the pertinent applications in a logical and easy to digest narrative
    • An influential storyteller with the capability to turn raw data / facts into a human narrative that they demonstrate with work samples
    • Master storyteller – uncovering the insight / consumer truth that sparks creative thinking
  • Master of research – methodology and application
    • Understanding both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, ability to lead and research plan can distil research into actionable insights and the ability to derive empathy stories from the research to inform insight / storytelling
  • Creative partner, guiding the strategic direction
    • Invest in leading / supporting brainstorming, leveraging different approaches depending on need. Has flexibility to work and evolve strategic thinking with the input from creative teams and furthermore attending client meetings where the ideas will be presented
  • Competency in determining most influential points of decision
    • Leveraging research / data to design the consumers experience, as knowledge of new media properties and solutions including both on and offline platforms
    • Has competency in creating / interpreting detailed consumer journeys
  • Understanding the basic measurement approaches, metrics, and how to design a results scorecard
    • Working knowledge of most important KPIs to deliver on programme objectives
    • Design templates that help assess metric