Safety & Compliance Manager

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  17 Jun, 2019
  • Job Ref:  KMP-44676

Job Description


  • Maintain an independent compliance system to monitor compliance with EASA requirements and other standards applicable within the company
  • Maintaining a close liaison with the authorities and departments on all matters affecting the approvals
  • Maintaining a quality assurance program in which compliance with all procedures are reviewed at regular intervals by audits and inspections
  • Establish the yearly audit program acceptable to the authority
  • Prepare audit questionnaires
  • Conduct audit in relative department and place of business
  • Complete audit report and address findings
  • Perform risk analysis
  • Follow-up of corrective actions implementation and effectiveness
  • Operational review
  • Aircraft check (safety equipment, Manuals, forms, MEL/HIL, etc.)
  • Crew flight times duty records
  • Crew training records
  • Compliance of crew rosters according to regulations
  • Immediate corrective action (if necessary)
  • Inspection report
  • Manage external audits
  • Revise OMM and other applicable documentation

Safety reporting:

  • Investigation for root cause analysis, collect of proofs of evidence, record
  • OPS-findings (flight operations reporting)
  • Hazard reports (frontline personal reporting)
  • SORs: support the FSO for investigation and follow up

Ensuring that any observed non-compliance or poor standard of work is brought to the attention of the person concerned via the management staff, with a timescale for remedial action to closure.

Risk assessment:

  • Support to fill the safety case chek-list (manage changes, new aircraft on AOC, etc.)

FDM analysis

  • Support to FSO for the software utilisation


  • Lead investigation resulting from voluntary / involuntary reporting or FDM in collaboration with FSO. Coordinate communication with parties involved.

Emergency Response Plan:

  • ERP Manual update, distribution and control of copies
  • Follow up of correctives actions due to exercise

Establishment of statistics for Key performance Indicators for:

  • Safety action group
  • Safety improvement plan
  • Nominated person meeting


  • Initial and recurrent management system courses
  • ERP course
  • Internal auditor course
  • Revise syllabus

Support the implementation and updates of safety and compliance software at the group level, and, if required, might be assigned projects or administrative tasks on behalf of other entities of TAG Aviation

Representing contact with TM-CAD

Representing the Safety and Compliance in the meetings with:

  • TM-CAD
  • Safety and/or compliance conferences
  • Workshops
  • External audit

Manage all administrative and logistical aspects of the local office, in coordination with the Accountable Manager.