Boarding Manager

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  24 Aug, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-54678

Job Description

General concept of the role
The Boarding Manager role would be required to oversee the daily operation of the boarding house. In addition to this, the role entails that there is regular communication with different departments of the school; namely housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, administration, finance and heads of school sections.

Extra-curricular activities for the boarding students would need to be organised. These may be on request by the family or for the general group.

The ideal candidate will be mainly responsible for:

  • Along with the Headmaster and Finance department, be responsible for appointing boarding supervisors to the team
  • Overseeing the work of the boarding supervisors and meet with them regularly to discuss boarding matters with the aim of ensuring consistency
  • Liaising constantly with the boarding supervisors regarding any updates pertaining to boarding students
  • Maintaining a constant communication flow with the supervisors on daily/nightly issues that may occur
  • Establishing a clear understanding with the supervisors of their roles, duties and responsibilities
  • Creating a roster of supervision. This begins with gathering the time-off requests from the supervisors and scheduling a roster which best fits everyone
  • Checking-in each morning with the night-shift supervisor to help with getting the students down to their lessons in a timely manner
  • Checking the rooms of all the boarders to make sure they are left in a decent state; making sure all AC units are off and rooms are secured
  • Ensuring that when students are unwell that the General Practitioner is informed and proceed as per his/her instructions. Where necessary informing the parents / guardians of the boarder
  • Reporting to the appropriate staff members any issues relating to any boarder
  • Liaising with the Headmaster and finance department to carry out risk assessments in order to ensure that all matters related to safety, welfare and security of boarders are fully met
  • Liaising with the housekeeping staff for daily chores and any issues they may raise
  • Liaising with the maintenance staff to ensure that the facilities are up to scratch and in good working order
  • Report to the Finance department should any damages be noted
  • Liaising with the head of kitchen that boarders are satisfied with the meals and if any changes need to be made
  • Making sure that the boarding kitchen is well stocked with snacks
  • Coordinating with the admissions staff on new boarding students and their requirements
  • Ensuring that the suitable assigning of rooms and arrangements are done prior to the commencement of a scholastic year
  • Form part of the Senior Management Team to represent the boarding interests and needs
  • Amending and updating the boarding handbook with relevant information for prospective parents and boarding students
  • Inform the Headmaster of serious breaches of discipline or good conduct of any boarder
  • Request, check and file all necessary documentation related to the boarders
  • Organising frequent weekend/ mid-term outings/ social events that are age appropriate
  • Organising occasional team-building activities for the boarding students and supervisors
  • Creating and maintaining an inventory of different extra-curricular contacts and costs should a student / parent request a particular activity or hobby
  • Communicating with parents / guardians of the boarders prior to holiday periods to organise departure / arrival plans of their children
  • Preparing for the next scholastic year in the summer months. Ensuring that students who are leaving permanently leave the room as they found it; and those who will be returning take what they need and leave the essentials
  • Keeping a constant check throughout the summer on the boarding areas and what needs to be improved, maintained or repaired before the commencement of a new scholastic year
  • Coordinating the application process for Non-EU students to apply for their residence permit. Liaising directly with Identity Malta
  • Ensure a visible and active presence with the boarders in order to develop a relationship
  • Being on-call during the night / day should any major issue occur


  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Be willing and able to work within a team
  • Previous experience in hotel industry would be considered as an asset