Social Care Standards Authority

Manager I (Communications Unit)

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  22 Oct, 2021
  • Job Ref:  SCSA 42/2021

Job Description

Jobsplus Permit No: 591/2021

Submission requirements

  • Covering letter highlighting experience;
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) in Europass format;
  • Scanned copy of qualifications and certificates (including transcripts);
  • Valid police certificate of conduct (not more than one (1) month old).

The Manager of the Communications Unit is responsible for building a communications strategy and marketing campaign in line with Social Care Standards Authority (SCSA).

The prospective candidate should be self-motivated to lead the communications team. This candidate will be in charge of producing high-quality content that engages internal and external stakeholders around the Authority’s brand image.

The Manager of the Communications Unit shall be directly answerable in the performance of his / her duties and conduct to the Director of Operations.

Principal Responsibilities
The Communications Manager is responsible for:

  • Plan, implement, evaluate various communication and promotional projects, events and advertising;
  • Execute direct marketing campaigns and interact directly with internal and external stakeholders;
  • Maintaining multi-task schedules, managing the communications unit and respect deadlines.

Essential Functions
The job duties for this post of Communications Manager are:

  • Creates marketing and social media campaigns and strategies, including budget planning, content ideation, and implementation schedules;
  • Ensures brand consistency in marketing and social media messages by working with other units within the Authority, including advertising, product development, and brand management;
  • Provides training and guidance to the communications team members on social media implementation best practices and strategies;
  • Coordinate collection of data and analyses interactions, and use this information to create comprehensive reports and improve future marketing strategies and campaigns;
  • Grows and expands company social media presence into new social media platforms, plus increases presence on existing platforms;
  • Creates and distributes engaging written or graphic content in the form of e-newsletters, website, or social media messages;
  • Devise initiatives towards increasing the public’s favourable view of the Authority;
  • Ensure the best media opportunities for the Authority, while devising an effective vetting process;
  • Optimise media appearances and features for the Authority on radio, TV and internet;
  • Contact and liaise with members of the media to set up interviews;
  • Preparing staff attending the media with necessary information and preparation on appearance;
  • Monitor and evaluate social media and newspapers highlighting risks that might influence the Authority’s reputation;
  • Organising and coordination press conferences, conferences and seminars including local and international and any other Authority’s official events;
  • Preparation of speeches while preparing staff for public speaking;
  • Compose press releases, articles, media replies and steer them through publication;
  • Delivering of presentations and attending media interventions on behalf of the Authority;
  • Coordinating all the designs for the Authority’s materials including annual reports, flyers and merchandise items;
  • Develop communication strategies for the delivery of corporate culture and business ethics to the Authority;
  • Drive internal communications, develop a range of internal publications, including newsletter, announcements, online and visual content and pre-announcement of planned publication;
  • Any other duties as directed by the Director of Operations and / or the CEO.

Business Skills

  • Assertive leadership skills with strong ethical values and sound leadership skills;
  • Strong collaboration, verbal and writing communication skills with very good reporting abilities;
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to prioritise, coordinate and organise the work;
  • A creative attitude, self-motivation and ability to work without close supervision;
  • Eye for detail, working under pressure and must be able to respond adequately to demands from internal and external contacts;
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills;
  • Excellent managerial skills;
  • Ability to work under pressure with a flexible approach.


  • Sound knowledge of communication processes with high standard of work throughout;
  • High proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office applications with expertise in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Photoshop, and Prezi.

Qualifications and Experience Required
Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible applicants will be interviewed by a Selection Board to assess their suitability to carry out the duties mentioned above. The maximum mark for this selection process is 100% and the pass mark is 50%.

Due consideration will be given to applicants who, besides the requisites indicated in this call, have proven relevant work experience.

By the closing time and date of this call for applications, applicants must be:


(a) Citizens of Malta; or

(b) Citizens of other Member States of the European Union who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters of employment by virtue of EU legislation and treaty provisions dealing with the free movement of workers; or
citizens of any other country who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters related to employment by virtue of the application to that country of EU legislation and treaty provisions dealing with the free movement of workers; or

(c) Any other persons who are entitled to equal treatment to Maltese citizens in matters related to employment in terms of the law or the above mentioned EU legislation and treaty provisions, on account of their family relationship with persons mentioned in paragraph (a), (b) or (c); or

(d) third country nationals who have been granted long-term resident status in Malta under regulation 4 of the ‘Status of Long-Term Residents (Third Country Nationals) Regulations, 2006’ or who have been granted a residence permit under regulation 18(3) thereof, together with family members of such third country nationals who have been granted a residence permit under the ‘Family Reunification Regulations’, 2007′

(f) Persons in possession of a residence document issued in terms of the Residence Status of United Kingdom Nationals and their family members in Malta in accordance with the agreement on the Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community Regulations.

The advice of the Department of Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs with the Identity Malta Agency should be sought as necessary in the interpretation of the above provisions.

The appointment of candidates referred to at (b), (c), (d) and (e) above would necessitate the issue of an employment licence in so far as this is required by the Immigration Act and subsidiary legislation. Jobsplus should be consulted as necessary on this issue.

(ii) proficient in the Maltese and English languages;


(a) An academic qualification in Communications, Marketing. Public Relations, Journalism in Level 7 or better, duly certified by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) plus three (3) years experience; or

(b) Officers who are confirmed in their current or in a previous appointment, who are in possession of a recognised Bachelor’s qualification at MQF Level 6 (subject to a minimum of 180 ECTS / ECVET credits, or equivalent, with regard to programmes commencing as from October 2003) in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism or a related professional qualification, plus five (5) years related work experience; or

(c) Applicants who hold seven (7) years of related work experience in communications may be considered instead of a degree.

Persons registered with the National Commission for Persons with a Disability (NCPD) may be given reasonable accommodation in terms of Section 7 of the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act (Chapter 413 of the Laws of Malta), provided they can carry out, in essence, the duties related to the post applied for.

Representations in terms of this clause should be attached to the application form and supported with relevant documents which must also include documentary evidence of registration with the NCPD.

Qualifications at a higher level than that specified above will be accepted for eligibility purposes, provided they meet any specified subject requirements. A Master’s qualification at MQF Level 7, or equivalent, must comprise a minimum of 60 ECTS / ECVET credits with regards to programmes commencing as from October 2008.

Moreover, candidates who have not yet formally obtained any of the above-mentioned qualifications will still be considered, provided that they submit evidence that they have been approved for the award of the qualifications in question, or successfully completed the necessary ECTS / ECVET credits, or equivalent, taken as part of a recognised higher MQF level programme of study, as required in the afore-mentioned eligibility criteria, by the closing time and date of the call for applications.

Original certificates and / or testimonials are to be invariably produced for verification at the interview.

(a) With the exception of those qualifications referred to in paragraph (d) hereunder, applicants are required to produce a recognition statement Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) within the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), which is to be obtained by submitting an online application for the recognition of qualifications here. Such statement should be attached to the application and the original presented at the interview.

(b) Applicants who are not in possession of the recognition statement may still apply, provided that they submit a copy of the statement to the receiving entity as soon as it is available, and, in any case, by not later than one (1) week from the closing date of the expression of interest. Applicants who, for reasons beyond their control, fail to present the required statement within the one-week period stipulated above, may request the receiving entity to extend the time limit by a further period which, in any case, may not exceed one (1) week. Reasons for delay should be clearly stated.

(c) Prior to requesting recognition statements related to their qualifications as per paragraph (a) above, candidates should first consult the ‘List of Accredited Courses Offered by Licensed Institutions’ of the NCFHE which can be accessed here. Applicants are exempt from submitting a recognition statement as mentioned in paragraph (a) if they are presenting qualifications listed therein. A print of such list including the qualification is to be presented by the applicant together with the application. However, in cases of doubt, the Selection Board may set aside this exemption and direct an applicant to procure a recognition statement from MQRIC. In such instances, the applicant shall be given one (1) month to procure the statement, subject to the possibility of extension as provided for in paragraph (b) above.

(d) No recognition statement by MQRIC is required in respect of qualifications issued by Maltese self-accrediting institutions, these being the University of Malta, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) and the Institute for Tourism and Studies (ITS); or any Maltese qualification that has been accredited by the NCFHE, which on the certificate states: ‘The National Commission for Further and Higher Education deems this certificate to be MQF’.

The post of Manager I (Communications Unit) carries the salary of €25,656.00 in 2021, annual increase of €762.00 and annual increment of €531.17.

Submission of Applications
Applications are to be sent electronically to the email address shown below. Applications sent by post are to reach the Chief Executive Officer at the address: Social Care Standards Authority, Bugeja Institute, 469, St Joseph High Street, Santa Venera SVR1012. All applications, whether sent by e-mail, by post or delivered by hand, are to be received by not later than 12:00 hours (noon) (Central European Time) of Friday 22nd October, 2021.

Applications delivered by hand shall be time-stamped and acknowledged by a receipt issued by the HR Office of the SCSA.

Applications sent via email will be acknowledged in writing within five (5) working days from date of receipt. If for any reason this receipt is not received, applicants are kindly requested to call the HR Office on 2549 4400 to confirm receipt of their application.
SCSA will not be held responsible for applications which are not received due to an electronic failure, technical errors or other issues such as submission to an incorrect email address. SCSA reminds applicants that it is the applicants’ responsibility to check the status of their application.

Applications by post should be sent by registered mail and in sufficient time to ensure delivery by the closing date. These applications will be acknowledged in writing within five (5) working days from the date of receipt. In the absence of an acknowledgement within five (5) working days from the closing date of applications, it is the responsibility of the applicants concerned to confirm with the receiving entity whether the application was received by the closing date.

Applications which are received after the closing date and time (i.e. late applications) will not be accepted. The SCSA will not be held responsible for any late delivery of post from third parties.

Applicants are granted up to two (2) working days after the closing date or up to two (2) working days from the date of notification, whichever is the later, to submit any incorrect or incomplete documents.

The chosen officer will be required to sign an undertaking signifying his commitment to the assignment for which he is selected.

The SCSA shall process information provided by candidates solely for the purpose of this vacancy. In the event of unsuccessful applications, the Authority may keep applicants’ personal data on file for a period up to twelve months following the date that the post applied for was filled. Applicants’ information will only be used to identify any future employment opportunities within the Authority for which applicants may be suited. Applicants are free to withdraw their application and their consent to the retention of their personal data, at any time.

For further information, please read the SCSA’s privacy notice which can be found on here.