Customer Support

Full-Stack Developer

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  11 Oct, 2019
  • Job Ref:  KMP-48244

Job Description

Our Client is hiring a talented Full Stack Developer who wants to build ambitious products using modern tools. You will be building entire front-end web applications and deploy complex services to the cloud that support those applications. Time on the job will be split between developing products internally to be sold to businesses/consumers, as well as contracting work for other parties. This means you’ll frequently be moving between codebases and learning things as you go. You will form a part of a small, but growing team of like-minded developers.

Below are two types of applications they build frequently: a modern frontend application and a modern backend API. We’ve listed the example technologies we use for each part of the stack. They don’t expect you to have experience with every technology below.

Modern JavaScript Front End App

  • Languages: JavaScript
  • Linting: ESLint, Prettier
  • Frameworks: Vue.js (Nuxt/Gridsome), Angular
  • CSS: Flexbox, Grid, Bootstrap
  • Build Tools: Webpack
  • Graphics: SVG

Modern Backend API

  • Languages: JavaScript, C#, Java
  • API Standards: GraphQL, JSON API
  • Frameworks: ASP.NET MVC, Express, Django, Serverless, Headless WordPress
  • Data Storage: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB
  • Cloud Providers: AWS, Azure, Netlify

You should apply if:

  • You have experience building modern web applications
  • You have experience working with modern frontend frameworks (eg. React, Vue..etc)
  • You have experience using version control systems (eg. Git)
  • You have a solid understanding in core web and browser concepts (eg. how does JavaScript handle asynchronous code)