Nurse Manager

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  13 Aug, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-54378

Job Description

Objective of the Post
To oversee the management of nursing services within an entity to ensure the delivery of a high standard of nursing service to all clients or clients. The nurse manager shall ensure quality and full compliance with relevant policies and standards.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership and direction for qualified nurses and / or midwives, support workers and other employees across clinical settings within his / her healthcare entity.
  • Assure the availability of adequate and appropriate resources for a continuous and consistent delivery of nursing care, taking into account the advice given by the Facility Manager.
  • Assume responsibilities involving the supervision and management of a health facility.
  • Assess current policies and procedures related to nursing practice in his/her Healthcare entity.
  • Generate new ideas for improvement taking operational issues into account and acting in line with standards approved by the Chief Executive Officer of the entity or Head of Department.
  • Assume a key role in the motivation, development and evaluation of staff working within the assigned health facility / unit.
  • Establish and track quality improvement indicators and other information concerning services and care to ensure that resources are available to provide quality services and on-time performance consistent with standards.
  • Ensure that business plans, human resource plans, and performance audits and compiled in time for the assigned health facility.
  • Take a lead role in health promotion and health education activities.
  • Initiate and support the necessary research that will eventually sustain the delivery of evidence
  • Support a clinical environment that facilitates change and introduces innovative efficient care structures and processes that are beneficial to clients and the organisation.
  • Use available budgets to ensure quality care and the delivery of cost-effective services while monitoring all personnel and supply costs at departmental level.

Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • Excellent listener and communicator.
  • Have at heart the well-being of the elderly.
  • Able to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Able to lead a team.
  • Be a registered nurse in possession of a BSc (HONS) in nursing studies.
  • Have minimum of 2 years expertise in managerial position.