Group Control Room Security Officer

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  13 Mar, 2020
  • Job Ref:  KMP-52531

Job Description

Michele Peresso Ltd is recruiting for a Control Room Security Officer. We are looking for a candidate who needs to ensure continuous and effective security surveillance. Working within the security operation at the shop floor level, the candidate will be in communication to ensure security is maintained across our customer sites. The candidate will directly report to the Group Operations Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with the required security internal protocols and liaising with internal security teams.
  • Have an eye for detail and the ability to interact with people.
  • Monitor CCTVs cameras of all companies’ assets.
  • Report incidents directly to the Group Operations Manager and Directors.
  • Able to search and record incidents from the CCTVs NVRs.
  • Conduct reports and investigations on suspicious internal and external pilferages.
  • Keeping a level of discipline and integrity with all co-workers.
  • Operating the car park facilities.
  • Providing an extensive patrol list for the security team members.
  • Maintain documentations and records in a high security area.
  • Abreast the level of security in the control room and refuse to use the control room for any other purpose.
  • Be pro-active in reporting failure of CCTV’s, intruder alarms or fire detectors.
  • Searching of co-workers personal bags at the end of shifts.


  • The candidate should be fluent in both Maltese and English, be able to work within a team, flexible hours and take initiative.
  • The candidate should possess a security officer license.
  • Managing cybersecurity is an asset.
  • Understanding of IT with a working knowledge of Word, Office and Excel.
  • Capable of reading through CCTV’s and storing relevant data.