Green Skip Services Limited

Site Supervisor

  • Basis:  Full-Time
  • Closing Date:  16 Oct, 2023
  • Job Ref:  KMP-85280

Job Description

Making part of the Green Skip team the company expects you to carry out your duties in a professional manner and in the best interest of the company. The main duties will be as below.

Job overview and essential function
Overall objective:

  • To maintain the general housekeeping, and management of the yard and garage by scheduling; organising and monitoring multi activities within the site and outside of the site while implementing good security measures to ensure all incoming and outgoing materials and stock are accounted for; while keeping accurate weekly / monthly reports that reflect present materials in the yard and ensure all vehicles and equipment are to the required standards.

Main duties

  • Defining and refining work routines and responsibilities for the Labourers and garage employees to achieve good housekeeping, efficient labour and safe work practices throughout the site.
  • Liaise with the yard Foreperson to ensure all new recruits complete the required training as required by law and all training is documented.
  • Record and monitor the production of bailing / shredded materials.
  • Ensure all planned maintenance of equipment and vehicles is completed and records are kept.
  • Liaise with the garage personnel and contracting mechanics for the maintenance and repair of vehicles and ensure that all vehicles are in good state of repair and to pass the yearly VRT inspections.
  • Monitor dismantling of WEEE material and its stock till final destination and keep stock control.
  • To ensure all employees make use of the proper PPE according to task being completed.
  • Follow up on incoming general / outgoing general waste to ensure all necessary documents / tickets are completed.
  • Report in writing misconduct to HR and Management and complete incident report form when required.
  • Schedule / plan and communicate with the concerned management for offsite loadings to ensure safe operations and deadlines for loadings are met.
  • To liaise with sales office regarding incoming and outgoing stock for logistics coordination and the management of space.
  • Liaise with suppliers for any equipment or parts required for yard and garage and sign / approve documentation.
  • Follow up on equipment that is off-site and may require maintenance.
  • Monitor working hours of garage and yard employees and liaise with yard foreperson and others concerned to approve overtime and leave requests.
  • To assist the sales team or logistics manager in managing the off-site operations resulting from tenders or otherwise occasional outside activities.
  • To manage and implement any new activity or change of methodology, and structuring of training programs that the management may deem fit at the time.
  • Hold meeting with the yard personnel to ensure good communication and teamwork throughout the yard.
  • Liaise with the management on work procedures that are required to remain IPPC-permitted.
  • Supervise the hazardous waste team and ensure all standard procedures are being adhered to and all incoming hazardous waste and outgoing hazardous materials are documented as required.
  • Communicate and liaise with the Logistics Manager daily to ensure bins / skips are readily available and up to the required standard for the daily work schedules.
  • Demonstrate good people and team-leading skills and plan the works to ensure all employees are aware of the duties and jobs required daily.
  • Ensure all lockable areas are locked for security reasons and ensure that all equipment is switched off at the end of day.
  • Ensure all yard employees and Drivers have a locker assigned to them.
  • The Site Supervisor may be required to be trained further or to travel for work-related issues.

Essential requirements

  • Be punctual.
  • Appearance should be neat and clean according to company handbook.
  • Personal hygiene is imperative.
  • Attitude towards your colleagues and towards our customers must be positive at all times.

This job detailed description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Any employee may be requested to perform other related duties within the remit of their particular job, to meet the ongoing needs of the company.