• Basis:  Part-Time
  • Closing Date:  13 Oct, 2019
  • Job Ref:  KMP-48336

Job Description

Company Profile
CassarCamilleri Ltd. is a leading beverage company, with a broad portfolio of premium brands produced locally as well as imported. With more than 100 brands within its portfolio, CassarCamilleri positions itself as one of the largest local suppliers in the beverage sector, with products ranging from wines, spirits, liqueurs, beer, water, juices and squashes.

Job Responsibilities

  • To introduce new products through tastings and the communication of product information.
  • To communicate any special offer which may be available to the consumer during the promotion.
  • To give feedback to the Sales Activator, of the results achieved during the promotion.
  • To ensure that the product/s being promoted, is/are attractively displayed.
  • To take initiative to check that there is maximum availability of product range (variety) and the maximum quantity available of each product in range in those outlets where promotions are held.
  • To maintain and build a good working relationship with the outlet being serviced.
  • To ensure that the Promoter projects the image of the organisation by being smartly dressed.