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Award in Personal Development 1 – Self Managed Learning

In this module learners will develop an understanding of the essential importance of self-managed learning in enhancing lifelong development. They will learn about themselves as learners and be able to self-assess their own skills, competencies and knowledge. As a result, learners will be able to continually identify and take action towards their up skilling for their continued professional and personal development.

Personal Development runs throughout the three years of this degree programme. In year One, learners are equipped with the tools to juggle and manage the multiple demands of work, life and study time while promoting and strengthening their lifelong learning. In year Two, learners focus on further developing their potential and capabilities through interpersonal skills in personal and professional settings for both personal and professional development. In year Three learners consolidate their learning by applying it to develop effective and ethical leadership.

19th Feb 23

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3 Months




Malta Business School

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What you'll learn


  • Assess their motivation, approaches and ways of learning to identify concrete and appropriate self-managed learning opportunities
  • Evaluate how lifelong development can be enhanced by self-managed learning
  • Demonstrate ownership and responsibility for own personal and professional development
  • Create medium and long- term personal and professional development plans


  • Key essential learner skills that promote lifelong learning (such as Honey & Mumford learning styles, Kolb’s learning style, learning from others, and learning through research)
  • A range of learning opportunities that promote skills development for personal and professional growth (such as maintenance learning, growth learning, shock learning, and mentoring & coaching)
  • Different career paths in a chosen sector or industry, including lateral pathways
  • A range of learning choices based on career trajectory and own learner skills, personal and professional development needs and the activities required to meet them


Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Assess different self-managed learning approaches which can be used to enhance lifelong learning
  • Evaluate individual and organisational benefits gained through self-managed learning
  • Rate own current skills and competencies against professional standards and organisational objectives
  • Select appropriate self-reflection and self-assessment tools to monitor and chart ongoing learning progress

Judgement skills and critical abilities

  • Appraise and recommend ways how lifelong learning can encourage personal and professional development

Module-Specific Communication Skills

  • Use relevant and appropriate terminology when discussing and exchanging views in a business context.
  • Communicate and articulate their ideas clearly in writing and orally.
  • Confidently give a formal presentation to a variety of audiences

Module-Specific Learner Skills

  • Explore developmental opportunities that can support meeting own current and future needs
  • Appropriately and accurately apply the Harvard referencing system.
  • Acknowledge all sources of information
  • Individually carry out further research in this area

Module-Specific Digital Skills and Competences

  • Search, gather, communicate and share related information using digital resources
  • Identify reliable, authoritative, and current digital sources

This award is designed for:

Adult learners who want to have an immersive learning experience in this area.
Working professionals, who have been working for a number of years, and who would like to acquire competencies, knowledge and skills in this area of business and management.
Prospective learners, who already have a Level 4 and/or a Level 5 qualification, and who would like to challenge themselves within this area of business and management, to further develop their expertise.

Opportunities for further studies
Upon successful completion of this Award, you can:

  • Take up the opportunity to follow other Awards in different areas of business and management, or
  • Follow the Certificate in Business and Management (30 ECTS), and
  • This Certificate programme will also lead you to further studies.


  • Three MQF/EQF Level 4 individual single subject qualifications and at least 18 years of age.or
  • One MQF/EQF Level 4 qualification of at least 120 ECTS, or equivalent and at least 18 years of age.or
  • A minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience and at least 24 years of age.or
  • The MATSEC Matriculation Certificate. This comprises 6 subjects, and include passes in a language, a science subject, a humanistic subject, and a pass in the subject ‘Systems of Knowledge’. Two of the 6 subjects must be at an Advanced
  • Level, three of the subjects must be at an Intermediate Level and a pass at the ‘Systems of Knowledge’ subject.
  • A pass (at least Grade 5 of better) in the Secondary Education Certificate examinations in the following subjects: English language, Mathematics, and one other subject.
  • Other equivalent (international) qualifications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All learners must have proficiency in the English language (evidence of use of the English language at work, 0-level pass in the English language, English as the national language or mother tongue, or other equivalent foreign qualifications equating to Common European Framework (at B2), such as IELTS (overall score of 6.0 with no element less than 5.5), Cambridge English (overall score of 169 with minimum scores of 162), TOEFL (at 72) and others).

Course Provider

About MBS
It's Mission and Vision:

"Helping adults achieve their personal and professional development goals to create value for themselves, their organisations and their communities. The motto of our school has always been, Applying Knowledge for Success. This means that we not only promote the acquisition of knowledge through various methods of learning, but also aid in the development of our learners’ abilities to apply that knowledge to their careers and personal lives, driving them towards success."

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