Award in Organisational Communication

This module will provide learners with an understanding of how organisations communicate internally and externally. Learners will learn how information and knowledge is communicated, a range of issues that impact on communication, and barriers to effective communication within organisations. By the end of this module, learners will be able to carry out a communications audit and create a plan to improve personal and organisational communication within an organisation.

10th Jan 24

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Malta Business School

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What you'll learn


  • Comparatively assess the different communication approaches used within organisations to share information and knowledge
  • Create and justify an organisational communications improvement plan
  • Carry out a communications audit within an organization and make relevant recommendations
  • Analyse their own communication through the application of at least 2 theories of interpersonal communication


  • The main communication models (such as Berlo’s, Interactional, Interactive, and Transactional models), theories (including Weber’s Classical Organisational and Deetz’ Managerialism) and approaches (such as in/formal, verbal/non-verbal, and Network Analysis)
  • The types of, and differences between a range of communication channels (oral and written) including technology-enabled media and platforms
  • The key stakeholders, within different organisations, and the different types of information and knowledge they require
  • The benefits, challenges, and solutions (problem solving) for technology enabled media and platforms


Applying knowledge and understanding

  • Effectively utilise a range of traditional and virtual communication channels and media
  • Thoughtfully examine the impact of policies and procedures on communication processes within organisations
  • Critically consider potential barriers to effective communication within and between organisations
  • Apply effective strategies to overcome communication barriers in the workplace

Judgement skills and critical abilities

  • Analyse and resolve issues that have an impact on organisational communications
  • Evaluate in context the role of technology on communication processes
  • Evaluate critically how organisational communication is influenced by the values and culture of the organisation
  • Develop and promote effective interpersonal communication at the workplace

Module-Specific Communication Skills

  • Use relevant and appropriate terminology when discussing and exchanging views in a business context
  • Carry out meaningfully a communications audit within an organisation
  • Develop and promote effective interpersonal communication at the workplace.
  • Communicate and articulate their ideas clearly in writing and orally
  • Confidently give a formal presentation to a variety of audiences

Module-Specific Learner Skills

  • Assess and reflect on the effectiveness of their own communication skills
  • Ask for, evaluate, and act upon feedback from others on their own interpersonal communication skills
  • Create a personal development plan to improve their own communication skills
  • Appropriately and accurately apply the Harvard referencing system.
  • Acknowledge all sources of information
  • Individually carry out further research in this area

Module-Specific Digital Skills and Competences

  • Search, gather, communicate and share related information using digital resources
  • Identify reliable, authoritative, and current digital sources

This award is designed for

  • Adult learners who want to have an immersive learning experience in this area.
  • Working professionals, who have been working for a number of years, and who would like to acquire competencies, knowledge and skills in this area of business and management.
  • Prospective learners, who already have a Level 4 and/or a Level 5 qualification, and who would like to challenge themselves within this area of business and management, to further develop their expertise.

Opportunities for further studies
Upon successful completion of this Award, you can:

  • Take up the opportunity to follow other Awards in different areas of business and management, or
  • Follow the Certificate in Business and Management (30 ECTS), and
  • This Certificate programme will also lead you to further studies.

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About MBS
It's Mission and Vision:

"Helping adults achieve their personal and professional development goals to create value for themselves, their organisations and their communities. The motto of our school has always been, Applying Knowledge for Success. This means that we not only promote the acquisition of knowledge through various methods of learning, but also aid in the development of our learners’ abilities to apply that knowledge to their careers and personal lives, driving them towards success."

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