Bachelor of Science in Diving Safety Management

This course aims to offer its students an educational program having the fundamental elements of diving, tourism and risk management combined. The final purpose of this new program is to have dive professionals and businesses grow their competence and better understand the risks associated with scuba diving, as well as increase key business skills related to this specific industry.

30th Sep 2024

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Institute of Tourism Studies

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What you'll learn

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensively understand the concepts of risk assessment concerning scuba diving and creatively propose strategies how to reduce risks.
  • Systematically understand human physiology and acknowledge how this is affected by regular/frequent diving activity (recreational, technical, and free diving);
  • Comprehend the business elements, including the human resource management component and how this operates in the leisure industry.
  • Determine detailed knowledge of the various components making up diving equipment and specific equipment used for specific use (recreational, technical and free diving, research diving, and other associated activities whilst diving)
  • Systematically identify diving-related hazards/injuries and their treatment both in terms of basic first aid and more advanced procedures, such as the use of the hyperbaric chamber;
  • Deploy established techniques on how to assist and partner with re-compression chamber facilities, training, and emergency assistance)


  • A combination of a minimum of 3 Advanced and Intermediate Levels, of which one needs to be an Advanced Level (MQF/EQF Level 4) pass. These must add up to a minimum of 44 points as per the provided matrix AND pass at grade 5 (SSC&P Level 3) or better in the English and Mathematics SEC examinations. OR
  • A full qualification at MQF/ EQF Level 4 AND a portfolio evidencing relevant experience in the diving sector for at least 3 years, along with evidence of appropriate writing and analytical skills to ensure that the prospective candidate can fully and meaningfully participate in the course, and work experience at professional and/or executive level for at least 5 years. OR
  • Any ITS Diploma or equivalent MQF/EQF Level 4 certification. OR
  • Any ITS Higher National Diploma or equivalent MQF/ EQF Level 5 certification. OR
  • Apply as a mature student, at least 23 years of age by the beginning of the academic year applied for, and subject to proficiency and/ or aptitude tests as per direction of the ITS. The ITS also reserves the right to subject the candidate to an interview and/or an RPL procedure before acceptance.
  • Applicants must also provide proof of their English proficiency at Level B2.

In addition to any of the above entry requirements and given that this course includes numerous practical (diving) components, it is mandatory for applicants to have an EN standard Level 2 diving certification (e.g. PADI Rescue Diver or an equivalent certification from a recognized certification agency) and have a minimum of 30 logged dives. Candidates who do not have both of these requirements may be allowed to enroll on the condition that they provide proof of having attained such requirements by the end of the first academic year.

Additionally, a profiling interview upon admission may be conducted to better assist students with their learning process. Admissions of special cases will be referred to ITS’ Admissions Board.

Possible Career Opportunities

  • Scuba diving instructor
  • Director of diving/diving business manager
  • Dive safety officer
  • Diving officer
  • Research diver
  • Scientific diver
  • Hyperbaric chamber operator
  • Diving medical technician
  • Gas blender

* Fees

  • EU/EEA Nationals: €2,953.50 per semester
  • Non-EU/EEA Nationals €3,118.75 per semester


  • Part-time 8 semesters + 2 work placements
  • Full-time 6 semesters + 2 work placements

Course Modules

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About the Institute of Tourism Studies
The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS), established in 1987, is Malta's leading tourism and hospitality educational institution. ITS offers a broad selection of study programmes taught by experienced and dedicated lecturers. The campus provides multiple specialised labs and kitchens to ensure that students receive the essential theoretical and practical education.

The Institute of Tourism Studies, located close to the Malta International Airport and sister campus in Qala, Gozo, currently offers programmes of study ranging from Foundation Programme (MQF Level 2) to Masters Degree Programmes (MQF Level 7) level. ITS has a signed academic affiliation with the Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM), ranked one of the top ten institutions globally in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

In addition to the agreement with EAHM, ITS has secured contracts throughout the years with various top international universities and institutions to ensure students not only graduate from a reputable institute but in the process have the opportunity to study at these institutions. Students can obtain a more comprehensive experience and develop skills to meet diverse international standards.

ITS works closely with the highly esteemed Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and Institut Lyfe (formerly known as Institut Paul Bocuse.) in France to offer its degree programmes in Bachelor in International Hospitality Management and Bachelor in Culinary Arts, respectively.

The Institute of Tourism Studies prides itself on offering students theoretical knowledge and extensive hands - on experience throughout the ITS training restaurants, kitchens, and hospitality laboratories. ITS students also gain opportunities for further training through the Local Industrial Trade Practice and International Internship, which is included in the students' programme of study.

With various programmes available at multiple levels, covering the necessities of the tourism and hospitality industry, students can be sure they have the best opportunity to specialise in areas suited to their abilities and interests.


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