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Bespoke Workshop: Team Performance

In our changing world, the highest-performing teams know standing still is not an option. Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your charge.​​​

Top-class teams are more than a collection of naturally talented individuals. It takes deliberate thought and action to create a consistent performing team experience. Trust, healthy conflict, commitment, mutual accountability and focus on results are among the most important winning behaviours to enable teams to achieve success.

This 20-hour workshop is designed for all employees who wish to transform a group of individuals who work together into an effective, impactful and victorious team.


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20 Hours




EY Connect Learning

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What you'll learn

Our approach to learning is grounded in specific experience of designing and implementing targeted learning solutions across all major business sectors and our success is founded on delivering measurable, sustainable results:

  • Rich participant-centric methods
  • Action-oriented
  • EY sector knowledge
  • Leader-led programme development
  • Case Study Learning

The course outline shown below is illustrative and can be fully tailored to your specific company and industry. The sessions can be held virtually or in person and will be scheduled according to your requirements.

Course Modules

  • How to spot and maintain a high-performing team and what causes a team to perform low (people, communication, resources, objectives, burnout)
  • Setting well-defined performance goals
  • Clarity of roles
  • Understanding interdependency and collaboration as keys to success
  • Uniting the team with shared values and principles/common narrative
  • Understanding how a highly functional team interacts and communicates
  • Understanding the 5 Stages of Team Development (forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning)
  • A systematic approach to teamwork (Scope and Expectations, Briefing, Training, Performing the Task, Monitoring and Reviewing)
  • Problem-solving techniques
  • Measuring team effectiveness

Course Provider

About EY Connect Learning

EY Connect Learning organises and provides professional training and continuing professional development through in-person sessions and virtual learning programmes. We offer world-class training, learning and development programmes in order to develop skills, including accounting and technical knowledge, regulatory updates, professional skills, and soft skills. These are aimed at professionals in various industries and lines of business, as well as, students who would like to further their education.

On a global level, the firm is constantly developing training material, coaching programmes and content, that can be leveraged, and which can be tailored for specific sectors, markets, and industries. Due to our global organisation we have a pan-European network of subject matter experts who share knowledge and market insights, which we use to keep our learning solutions up-to-date, relevant and impactful for learners.

In addition, the firm has a global pool of experienced coaches and mentors that can and would be willing to contribute towards high quality delivery and consistency on all learning programmes.

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