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Bespoke Workshop: Fundamentals of Extraordinary Productivity

Employees claim they are more productive than ever. Employers, however, still have some questions as they have realised some jobs have clear measures of productivity while others do not. We believe in using multi-dimensional measures and focusing on achieving a new view into productivity and collaboration to help you fuel your hybrid work future.



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EY Connect Learning

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What you'll learn

This 20-hour bespoke workshop is designed for all employees who want to discover how to boost their productivity, adopt a successful hybrid work model and improve their time management.

Our approach to learning is grounded in specific experience of designing and implementing targeted learning solutions across all major business sectors and our success is founded on delivering measurable, sustainable results:

  • Rich participant-centric methods
  • Action-oriented
  • EY sector knowledge
  • Leader-led programme development
  • Case Study Learning

The course outline shown below is illustrative and can be fully tailored to your specific company and industry. The sessions can be held virtually or in-person and will be scheduled according to your requirements.

Course Modules

  • Manage available time (prioritising and planning/organising techniques)
  • Set clear goals based on desired results
  • Understand the importance of work continuity and the value of synergies
  • Manage distractions and establish occupational integrity
  • Create an environment of accountability
  • Stay focused on results by measuring them against time
  • Manage stress (techniques)
  • Professional by choice: dress code, professional attitude and business mentality
  • Understand the importance of honouring corporate standards and processes and follow the rules with integrity
  • Define self as an effective professional: communicate with respect, build credibility, interact with professional integrity, stay open to receiving feedback
  • Comprehend that staying focused on performance results is the ultimate achievement
  • Understand that effective communication is the fundamental element that makes team performance possible
  • Adapt to the communication style of the person you are communicating with to ensure that the desired communication has been achieved; the 4 different communication styles
  • Create a connection with the person you are communicating with so that influencing and changing behaviour can be accomplished (active listening, asking questions, perception, empathy, rapport)
  • Communicate with and be perceptive to non-verbal/body language
  • Intentionally manage thoughts/emotions in tense situations to influence behaviour
  • Learn how to say NO without damaging the relationship and assertively make a request where it’s needed
  • Give and receive criticism
  • Give acknowledgement when it's due
  • Build professional credibility through integrity and trust
  • Own the responsibility of managing expectations in any relationship
  • Become responsible for any form of violent communication that might occur in your presence such as blaming, judging, rejecting or any other form of bullying and manipulating
  • Distinguish the basic human needs in order to understand the guiding force behind the person you are communicating with
  • Learn how to connect with your audience and deliver a message with an impact
  • Plan, structure and prepare presentations effectively
  • Understand the value of content/story in any presentation
  • Focus on core messages that are tailored to your audience’s needs
  • Use metaphors/stories to engage the audience
  • Use audio and visual tools to bring the messages alive
  • Deal with stress in relation to giving presentations
  • Manage questions and any challenging behaviour
  • Respond to feedback after the presentation
  • Understand change as it happens at the workplace and your response to it
  • Manage personal thoughts/emotions during times of change
  • Get a realistic perspective by objectively assessing the situation and have a clear view of how current changes personally affect them
  • Create an action plan on how you will best navigate the changes so that you are left empowered, with minimum impact and if possible maximum benefit
  • Manage change-related stress (techniques)

Course Provider

About EY Connect Learning

EY Connect Learning organises and provides professional training and continuing professional development through in-person sessions and virtual learning programmes. We offer world-class training, learning and development programmes in order to develop skills, including accounting and technical knowledge, regulatory updates, professional skills, and soft skills. These are aimed at professionals in various industries and lines of business, as well as, students who would like to further their education.

On a global level, the firm is constantly developing training material, coaching programmes and content, that can be leveraged, and which can be tailored for specific sectors, markets, and industries. Due to our global organisation we have a pan-European network of subject matter experts who share knowledge and market insights, which we use to keep our learning solutions up-to-date, relevant and impactful for learners.

In addition, the firm has a global pool of experienced coaches and mentors that can and would be willing to contribute towards high quality delivery and consistency on all learning programmes.

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