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Diploma in Human Resource Management

The MQF Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources is an immersive and adaptable program, curated to elevate your grasp on HR dynamics and bolster your career trajectories both within the Maltese landscape and on a global scale. The course places a special emphasis on Strategic HR Management, Employee Performance, People Engagement, and the deep interplay between Organisational Structures and Cultures.

Curated by Elephant & Cross course advisors, attuned to the ever-evolving global and Maltese HR landscape, this diploma equips you for multifaceted roles across the HR spectrum. From recruitment and team management to driving inclusive HR strategies and change, you'll be ready for an HR career in Malta and abroad.

1st June 2024

Start Date

10 - 15 Months




Elephant and Cross

Course Provider



MQF/EQF level 4





Course Fees


What you'll learn

Dive Deep
This course will unlock comprehensive insights into Human Resource Management. Delve deep into strategic HR practices, from constructing high-performance teams to mastering employee retention strategies. Grasp the essential interplay between organisational structures and culture, setting you up as an HR professional capable of fostering the ideal work environment, both in Malta and abroad.

Experience HR beyond textbooks. Our MQF Level 5 Diploma equips students with real-life HR scenarios, actionable case studies, and hands-on exercises. With an emphasis on practical HR skills, you'll be prepared to address both local (in Malta) and international HR challenges seamlessly.

HR Mastery
Upon completion of this diploma course, your expertise will sprawl across a plethora of HR domains, from Inclusive HR Management to People Engagement. What’s more, you'll have a profound understanding of the myriad ways in which employee values, behaviours, and attitudes influence and shape organisations.

Full Package
This course offers a full package for students in Malta looking to study HR online, combining academic content with practical skills and support, making it an ideal choice for HR professionals or those looking to enter the industry.

Are You Right For This Course?

  • You're looking for a tried and tested course for the Maltese HR landscape - that has helped over 95 local students take their careers to the next level and reach more senior positions within their organisations
  • You're passionate about understanding people dynamics and envision an exciting career in Human Resources
  • You're looking for a course that allows you to progress straight into the final year of a University Bachelor's Degree
  • You are an HR specialist in Malta seeking a qualification that formalises your experience
  • You're looking for a globally recognised MQF Level 5 Diploma in Human Resources
  • You work full-time and your schedule is packed - so you need a Diploma that grants you the flexibility to learn at your own pace
  • You want to elevate your role within your organisation, targeting a more senior HR role and a leadership position

Learning Style

  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Your Pace, Your Schedule
  • Dedicated 1-to-1 Tutor Support
  • Your Learning Tools
  • Hassle-Free Assessments


To be eligible for the MQF level 5 diploma, students in Malta should be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have an MQF Level 4 Qualification or professional managerial experience

Career Prospects

Graduates have gone on to follow careers as:

  • Human resource managers
  • HR consultants
  • HR compliance officers
  • Talent managers
  • Recruitment consultants
  • Training and development analysts

* You can pay in 15 monthly instalments of €220.

Course Provider

Malta’s leading online education agency - offering accredited online diplomas, undergraduate and master’s degrees to local and international students. Elephant & Cross provide a range of distance learning courses that cater to diverse fields of study. Experience the flexibility of learning anytime, anywhere, with top-notch online education in Malta. Ignite your potential, enhance your career prospects, and take the next step with E&C.

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