HR Management

BSc in Human Resource Management

The BSc in HR Management is made specifically for those learners interested in optimising human potential in the workplace. Throughout this course, learners will develop the skills required to handle and manage any HR situation that might arise in the workplace. Upon completing the course, learners will earn two globally recognised qualifications from Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) and Coventry University and gain the necessary credentials to work within a business environment, specifically in human resource management.

May/Oct 2024

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27 Months





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MQF/EQF Level 5





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What you'll learn

Learners will learn how to:

  • Carry out effective communication in the workplace and assist management in fostering an inclusive environment
  • Negotiate a package that benefits both the employee as well as the organisation
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the HR department and the communication strategy of the organisation
  • Ensure that the recruitment process is in line with regulations and with employee rights
  • Identify the key responsibilities of a leader
  • Comply with the values and culture of an organisation
  • Create an effective change management plan under the supervision of management
  • Collaborate with clients and colleagues in an effective manner
  • Carry out effective communication at the workplace
  • Cultivate a work environment which encourages positive mental health
  • Utilise and critically assess essential financial and accounting techniques
  • Describe the role of finance in relation to human resource management, such as payroll
  • Identify the use of simple journal entries and general ledger accounts
  • Understand and manage cash flow in organisations
  • Utilise situational leadership and apply leadership styles according to the situation

By the end of this programme, learners will be eligible to advance their studies by pursuing our MBA in HR Management.

This course is intended for those who are aged 21+ and aspire to work or are already working in human resources.


  • A Diploma in a related field pegged at MQF Level 4 or equivalent OR;
  • A Matriculation certificate with at least 2 A-levels & 3 Intermediate OR;
  • Mature Student OR;
  • A MATSEC certificate with Grade 5 or better in English, Maltese and Mathematics together with at least 5 years of experience working within a business setting.

Course Modules

This module allows learners to become familiar with the fundamentals of people management. It will allow them to develop their knowledge in line with team development, managing teams, performance management, employee motivation, leading, inspiring, and encouraging employees.

This module has been strategically designed and developed to allow learners to comprehend the fundamentals of communications management, with specific relevance to Human Resource Management. It looks at the role of communications in organisations, its widely accepted theories and concepts, and communications management influences.

This module allows learners to become knowledgeable and skilled within the area of selection and recruitment is one of the primary functions of human resource management. Learners will be exposed to the process involved in selection and recruitment, as well as the overall employment cycle.

This module allows the learner to get acquainted with the main similarities and differences between leadership and management. Moreover, they will also be exposed to the main theories governing them allowing them to critically think about which ones are most suitable for different activities, departments and objectives of organisations.

This module allows learners to become knowledgeable about organisational structure and cultures. Learners will be able to critically discuss and differentiate between the different organisational structures and how such structures influence organisational cultures.

This module introduces learners to the fundamental theories and known practices which are related to managing change within organisations. Learners will be exposed to the techniques which can be applied to overcome challenges faced when it comes to the implementation of change.

This module will allow learners to understand the fundamental concepts of performance management and its main concepts and practices. It will provide them with various tools which can be implemented in the day-to-day running of an organisation when looking at performance management.

This module will introduce learners to the basic principles of psychology. It shall outline the tools and principles which can aid human resource professionals in effectively managing human capital. It will allow them to understand human behaviour, organisational behaviour, and conflict management.

This module allows learners to appreciate the importance of assessing and managing mental health at the place of work as it affects the individual employee, the team, and the organisation overall. It shall allow learners to become equipped with knowledge and skills which assist them in fostering an environment which encourages positive mental health.

This module allows learners to delve into the basic principles which govern accounting and finance and their role in a business context. It will allow them to understand how accounting and finance and proper financial management can aid the organisation in performing better overall.

This module allows learners to become knowledgeable and aware of the different laws, regulations, and ethical and legal principles governing employment and the relationship between an employer and the employees. It shall therefore look at human rights, rights of the employers, rights of the employees, employment contracts, and legal requirements during employment and termination of employment.

This module focuses on the main skills and knowledge required for learners to carry out effective research as well as a research proposal in preparation for such research. It allows them to gain an understanding of the different methodologies which can be used in acquiring, processing, analysing and categorising data. Furthermore, it allows them to understand the best approaches to turn the collected data into usable information prepared and presented in their own unique project.

This module takes a deeper look at human resource management and allows learners to delve deeper into the knowledge, skills and competencies required by professionals to be successful within the field of Human Resource Management in various organisations. It will allow them to understand further various tools and techniques which can be implemented at the place of work.

This module takes a deeper look at human resource management and allows learners to delve deeper into the knowledge, skills and competencies required by professionals to be successful within the field of Human Resource Management in various organisations. It will allow them to understand further various tools and techniques which can be implemented at the place of work.

Human resource training and development are crucial in ensuring the effective development and motivation of employees. This module shall therefore equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively work with human resource development.

This module allows learners to delve into the world of information technology with specific reference to Human Resources. It will allow them to understand ways of making use of information technology to enhance human resources processes and procedures.

This module allows learners to practice the knowledge and theories that they have acquired in the module ‘Research Methods’. Learners are expected to carry out an effective research project, making use of effective critical thinking, time management skills, problem-solving and effective decision-making together with the appropriate and most relevant research methodologies. This module is the last step toward the learners obtaining their Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management.

Course Provider

Central Mediterranean Business School (CMBS) is an education powerhouse dedicated to developing and delivering cutting-edge qualifications, offering world-class undergraduate and postgraduate education in leadership, management, organisational behaviour, coaching and mentoring, human resources, employment law, IT, healthcare, marketing, finance, transport, culture and sports. The business school was launched in late 2013 as the Academy of Business Leaders to provide professionals with unparalleled opportunities to increase their awareness of industry issues, learn the skills necessary to handle today’s changes and discover their potential, and has since helped thousands of students build up their skills and propel their studies and careers forward. CMBS is licensed as a Further and Higher Education Institution with the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority in Malta and has built working relationships with world-renowned institutions and professional bodies City & Guilds of London Institute, the Institute of Leadership & Management, Dublin City University, the Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management, Training Qualifications UK, Coventry University and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

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