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Undergraduate Diploma in Business Administration

This undergraduate diploma programme aims to attract national and international students and to help them become professionals in this field. The programme is designed to reflect current industry practices and research topics and the main goal of this course is to provide a learning atmosphere that is professional, innovative, dynamic, and helpful.

In this programme, students will develop their ability for successful management of organisations, from unit to departmental level to the entire organisation, for those with certain experience. The programme will provide students with a foundation in certain parts of business management, allowing them to get a better grasp of general management and the manager’s responsibility.

25th Sep 23

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Ascencia Malta

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What you'll learn

Business Skills

  • ensure to know how to manage stocks independently
  • manage the notions of investment, profitability, forecasting and risk management
  • manage the process of a negotiation and standard word processing functionalities
  • deal with the standard features of the spreadsheet to undertake further projects
  • carry out range of activities in a junior managerial role
  • comply the concepts and theories related to good management practice
  • be responsible for integrating functional business knowledge in a team setting

Business Accounting

  • deal with analysing and developing a budget independently and within a team
  • review five key financial indicators expressing the personal point of view within a team
  • assess how business organisations can effectively manage working capital
  • understand the usefulness of financial statements to stakeholders within a company
  • evaluate the company’s requirements for financial reporting
  • deal with general accounting terminology appropriately to explain the nature and purpose of generally accepted accounting principles

Cultural & International Business

  • define the study of the intercultural phenomenon
  • identify cultural variations: Ethnic, religious, economic, technological, political, aesthetic, and national education systems
  • name the fundamental values of the corporate culture: rituals, “heroes”, symbols

Marketing & Communication With Digital Technology

  • manage the fundamentals of coding
  • manage the definition and use of the most important KPIs according to the type of campaign
  • deal with extending visibility via the various social networks
  • monitor digital marketing strategy
  • demonstrate practical skills in common digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimisation SEO, social media and blogs
  • carry out tasks to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications


  • know the origins of entrepreneurship
  • manage the tools for fundraising
  • carry out the tasks with the managerial, commercial and management specificities of start-ups
  • comply with the concept of entrepreneurship, its process, its different types and the different entrepreneurial contexts

Professional Development

  • evaluate own work placement experience
  • reinforce the technical skills acquired in marketing – communication
  • collaborate strategic choices with expected results
  • manage the origins and vocabulary around personal branding
  • monitor the effects of e-reputation
  • ability to discuss and communicate effectively about operational and strategic activities with work colleagues
  • use personal initiative in the work organisation
  • apply various strategies to integrate into a team and to contribute effectively and efficiently to the team
  • ask and act upon feedback for personal development.


  • Sixth form students and school leavers who have obtained the matriculation certificate with at least 2 A levels and three intermediate and at least 18 years of age.
  • For the international students – a diploma of completed secondary education, a diploma or certificate of a completed final examination for secondary or higher secondary school, or a senior school examination certificate and at least 18 years of age.
  • All students interested in further educational progress hold a level 4 or Level 5 at least 120 ECTS or equivalent.
  • Mature students with five years of work experience and qualifications other than Ordinary and Advanced levels are considered and at least 25 years of age.

Course Modules

  • Business management
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Managing collaborative tools and enterprise
  • Resource planning

An introduction to business accounting and finance

In this module, learners will understand how national cultures generally shape international management, international marketing, and
corporate culture

  • Social media
  • Introduction to web marketing
  • Digital communication
  • Introduction to coding

The main goal is to provide students with a broad picture of what entrepreneurship means, with a special focus on the Fundamentals and principal of entrepreneurship and Start-up and entrepreneurship.

  • Business project
  • Communication campaign
  • Business game
  • Personal branding
  • Professional effectiveness tools
  • Corporate development project

Course Provider

A participative and innovative pedagogy

Our training courses are based on a participative and innovative pedagogy based on the value of the example and the constant exchange between learners and experienced professionals. The realities of corporate life are at the heart of the personalised learning methods we use. They are intended to identify potentials and to hatch vocations of managers and business developers. Our campus is also open to all international candidates who wish to study management in Malta.

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