A career with purpose

Several studies have concluded that if we feel that our work is valued, if we feel inspired by the work we do and if we feel that we are contributing to something that matters, chances are that we will achieve job satisfaction. Working for an NGO like Inspire ticks all these boxes. Here is where your work truly has an impact and you actually can drive change.

David Debono, Inspire’s Marketing and PR Senior Executive says, “I know that the work I’m doing is having a positive impact on those most vulnerable in our society. It’s a truly enriching experience, where I’m surrounded by so much support and am empowered not just to drive my own role, but to instigate change.”

In reality, it is so much more than just a job. It is a purposeful career that can be overwhelming, is definitely awe-inspiring and is truly rewarding.

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Working with Inspire brings out the best in you

Working in an NGO builds your values and enables you to see things from a different perspective. Your priorities may change and so may the way you make decisions. Why? Because you will experience working with hundreds of individuals with various disabilities on a daily basis and learn about different behavioural expectations. You can go to bed at night knowing that your work made helped make the world a better place for someone else. I think we can agree that few jobs have that level of satisfaction!

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Besides looking for a career with a purpose, according to Gallup (2018) today’s employees want a workplace that looks after their wellbeing, as well as one that embraces diversity and inclusion. Inspire does both.

Employees’ mental health and wellbeing are clearly a priority, and it’s not just empty words. Firstly, employees have access to the health and wellness facilities on-site. These include the rehabilitation-focused gym, indoor pool and sauna. The subsidised membership for this is such a valuable perk as it’s an easy way to relieve stress and fatigue, and also shows employer appreciation.

Moreover, Inspire partnered with the Richmond Foundation, (an organisation offering psychological support), which means that employees have 12 complimentary sessions a year. And as if that’s not enough, Inspire employees also get private health insurance.

Diversity and inclusion

As for the other point, Inspire literally stands for this as diversity and inclusion is at the very heart of their purpose. Besides working hard to help vulnerable people have a better quality of life and have equal opportunities, Inspire is an organisation where you will most definitely see a diverse workforce. There are no biases here. Just people with the right attitude who want to contribute to society via their work.

Work-Life balance

This one goes hand-in-hand with mental health and wellbeing and is another factor that shows Inspire to be an organisation that cares. Inspire places significant importance on work-life balance to ensure that employees do not get burnt out. Also, where possible and depending on the nature of their role, employees are given the autonomy and trust to manage their working hours, whilst still being 100% supported by management. This is what empowers employees and contributes massively to job satisfaction.

Shaping the future

Working at Inspire will give you the opportunity to shape the future: the future of the individuals you’ll work with, the future of the organisation and your future. In fact, Inspire supports and funds employee training, encouraging them to grow with the company. After all, people are the biggest asset at an NGO and Inspire motivates employees to be the best they can be, so that the organisation can continue to improve and give a quality service as it strives for excellence.

Working with Inspire is a fantastic opportunity where your contribution helps to change people’s lives. They currently have 35 roles to fill ranging from Head of HR to Support Workers to Music Therapists, amongst others. These roles are being offered on a full-time, part-time, and even freelance basis, so you’ll be hard-pressed not to find something that suits your passion, skillset and lifestyle. So, if you are looking for a career that creates value and want to be part of the team check out their vacancies here!