Come Sunday night, the weekend is but a distant dream, and the threat of another Monday is imminent. While it can be a challenge facing a week of work after a fun and relaxing weekend, Mondays aren’t all that bad – all you need is a change in mindset and attitude. Here are some things you can do to make your Mondays a lot better:

Start the day doing something you love

Kick off Monday with a treat: a big healthy breakfast, a good workout, or your favourite cup of coffee from the place down the road. Having a treat first thing in the morning on a Monday is a good way to shift your entire mood for the day, and by the time it wears off, it’s already going-home time. Congratulations! You made it through another Monday. Over time, you’ll even start looking forward to that 8AM Monday morning wakeup.

Shift your focus

Instead of focusing on the calendar, focus on your targets for the day. Write down what you want to accomplish that day and start making your way through them step by step.

Positive thinking

Ignore the water-cooler complainers: this will only bring you down. Smile, focus on the good things, and keep your thoughts positive.

Put things into perspective

Work is part of the cycle of life; it can be fun and exciting, it can be dull and problematic, and it can be somewhere in between. While it might feel like the be-all, end-all on some days, it isn’t the case.

Say ‘good morning’ to colleagues

Polite, simple, effective: make your day, and everyone else’s, a little bit brighter by reaching out and touching base with your colleagues.

Help someone else

Same as above, but take it a step further. Instead of leaving off with a ‘good morning’, look around the office and see if anyone needs your help. Helping others is always satisfying and can give your mood a big boost.

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