Coding. The word itself is associated with mystery, secrecy and all things hidden. Anything that’s coded is only for the privileged few to know and understand. Well, when it comes to programming and coding in the digital world, many of us probably see it a little bit like that too. The 9 – 24 October is EU Code Week. A week, (actually two!), dedicated to demystifying coding skills and aimed at making it more visible to people of all ages, including the elderly, via a series of activities and workshops.

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EU Code Week

Other than that, EU Code Week also aims to highlight the importance of coding in today’s community and celebrates creativity, problem solving and collaboration through programming. It also promotes programming as a career, encourages students to study coding and invites teachers to give their students the opportunity to explore digital creativity.

Basically there’s a lot happening, and to do our part, Keepmeposted is highlighting the benefits of pursuing a career in coding.


Contrary to what many non-coders may think, coding allows for limitless, (and I truly mean limitless here), creativity. In fact, this skill gives you the potential to literally create anything you dream of! The best video-game ever? Learn to code! Flying cars? Learn to code! Robots to assist the elderly in their home? Learn to code! In a nutshell, you’ll have the chance to shape the future. Pretty amazing, eh?


There is huge satisfaction to be found in creating a tool that is useful and, more importantly, can improve the quality of life for people. If you are looking for a career which gives you a sense of purpose, programming could be it. Perhaps you have an idea for an app or to improve an existing network or system? Then coding is the skill you need, and how satisfying would it be to see your ideas come to life?


Whether you’re a Web Developer, a Systems Engineer or a Computer Programmer, you will most likely have the opportunity to work remotely. This means that you quite literally have a world of opportunity and can even end up working for the company of your dreams. However, don’t think it’s a lonely job. Programmers work in a team and must communicate frequently with colleagues in order to reach their target. Moreover, there is an active online community.

Transferable skills

A career in coding will enable you to develop invaluable skills which will serve you well in your personal life. Critical thinking, creativity and attention-to-detail are just a few of them. Programmers spend a lot…a lot… of their time problem-solving and require endless patience! Furthermore they also need to possess excellent communication skills in order to understand what is required of them. These are really skills for all walks of life.


It’s a truth universally acknowledged that people who possess coding skills are in high demand! Coding is pretty much used in every industry. For this reason the opportunities here are simply huge. The likelihood is that you will never be without a job. Not only that, but you will also probably have the luxury to choose from a list of great jobs, as well as negotiate a package that suits you. Furthermore, because coding can assist business growth tremendously, the salaries tend to be at the higher end of the spectrum.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in coding, check out what jobs are available here!